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untitled, paper, glue,spray paints, wire, 2012

Between the balance, wood,Perspex,clay and gold leaf, 2016

untitled, lycra,perspex,pins, 2014

(in)Corporate,wood,Laytex, Perspex, 2015 

Temperence, wood,Laytex,Perspex and cuniforms, 2014

untitled(fustration), Lycra,wooden cuniform,cement, rope and karabina, 2014

Out of excess, wood,material, paper,gloss paint, 2013

Manchester Velvet Exhibition, 2014

Nodding to Bernini, Perspex and Lycra installation, 2014

Ill Mondo, plaster, corugated cardboard,varnish,cotton and industirail paint, 2013

Contortion, sponge,spray paint, 2013 

Boy, cardboard boxes,domestic paints, 2012

Collaterol damamge II, crushed cardboard, varnish,  way and packaging, 2013

untitled, cardboard, varnish, spray paint, 2012cardboard, foam, varnish, spray paint, 2012

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